2,4-D Let's Keep up the Fight

2_4d.jpgAn effective, but potentially dangerous, pesticide has re-emerged on the marketplace: 2,4-D. If you’ve followed the news on this toxin, then you probably also know that the EPA not only recently gave fast-track approval to Enlist Duo®  (a chemical cocktail of 2,4-D and Monsanto’s flagship agrochmeical Roundup), but also approved the sale and use of corn and soy that are genetically engineered to resist Enlist Duo.

So...what we have is a double whammy—more chemical pollutants from agricultural products and more GMOs! Wenonah Hauter, executive director of Food & Water Watch, sums it up nicely in a Food and Water Watch press release:

The approval of 2,4-D ready crops is one of the most negligent decisions that the USDA has made in the nearly twenty years since genetically engineered crops have been on the market. After watching Roundup-ready crops quickly lose their utility by giving rise to Roundup-resistant superweeds, it is baffling that the USDA could not see that this approval of a new herbicide-tolerant crop system would be a futile, short-lived attempt at weed control which will only make things worse in a matter of years.”

Hauter’s sentiments were echoed recently by a lot of folks who have put their passion into action! On September 22, Dr. Memhet Oz announced on this talkshow a petition to the White House demanding that the President deny the EPA’s approval of these GE crops. At our press time here at Wellness Warrior, the petition has 112,255 signatures, which is 12,255 over the minimum required for federal acknowledgment. This is encouraging news, but the fight is not over yet! We must make our voices heard.

We’ve created our own petition, built right here on the Wellness Warrior platform, which we urge you to sign.

If you don’t want to see such a flippant use of GMOs and pesticides (and market practices by agri-business that monopolize fields and farmer’s budgets) then here are just a few other things you can do.

  1. Sign our Wellness Warrior petition

  2. Sign the Dr. Oz petition on Whitehouse.gov

  3. Sign Food Democracy Now’s petition

  4. Sign the Center for Food Safety’s petition

  5. Take the Organic Consumer Association’s Factory Farm Free Friday pledge to dissent from supporting these types of practices with your wallet.

  6. Tell everyone you know to do the same and to spread the word


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