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Father-and-son team John and Ocean Robbins are standing up for our right to eat healthy, sustainable and affordable food through their Food Revolution Network.

If you haven’t had a chance to check out their work, give their site a perusal. In the meantime, enjoy this inspiring quotation from John Robbins, explaining why he does what he does:

When we turn our food into a commodity that we consume for the lowest possible price and the highest possible short-term pleasure, without regard for the planet or the humans and animals who may have been involved in its production, our choices come back to haunt us. We are toxifying our bodies as we are toxifying our planet with a toxic food system.

This toxic food system is crippling our economy, it’s causing millions of deaths, and it’s causing widespread suffering to a majority of the humans alive today. And it is completely preventable.

That’s why my dad and I do what we do.”


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