A Yelp-Like Website for Local Food!


Without the monetary resources to spread the word, it’s almost impossible for small farmers, and markets to compete with the mega-markets.

Enter EatLocalGrown.com, a site designed to help people find, rate and share local farms, markets, and restaurants. Think of it as the Yelp for locally grown food. Brilliant, right? The founder of the website, Rick Davis, shares that he was fed up with the system, explaining,

I want the farms that I buy from, and the thousands of others like them, to thrive. But many of them aren't. They are working very hard and barely breaking even. Many of the farmers that I speak with tell me that they need to have other jobs to make ends meet. There's just not enough awareness. EatLocalGrown is our way of helping to change that.”

The way this crowd sourced system works is fairly straightforward. Say you are looking for local farms or markets for freshly grown food. Simply type in your zip code and all the businesses that have been added to your area will appear on the screen, along with their ratings. Now say you discover that one of your favorite farms or artisan restaurants is not yet on the list. You can then share that information with others by adding it to the directory. Simple as that!

With the help of everyday consumers, (that means us, Wellness Warriors!) EatLocalGrown’s goal is to list as many farms, markets, ranches and restaurants as possible to create an online directory of the best local food available across the country. The EatLocalGrow also promises to...

...provide lots of great articles with shopping tips, health and nutrition information and environmental news that impacts all of us.”

And they’re delivering on that promise. The website is getting packed with information. To discover the best in locally made and grown goods in your area, visit the website and don’t forget to add your own favorites to the list! Now we’re waiting for the App.


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