Ag Education for the Next Generation


Instead of throwing our hands up in despair over the state of agriculture in the world, consider Heidi Witmer and the team at LEAF, forces of good actively combating concerning agricultural news.

LEAF (Leadership Education and Farming) was born out the necessity to reconnect our society to the food we eat. A non-profit based in central Pennsylvania, the organization gives area opportunities paid internships to work on LEAF’s 2.2 acre farm as well as other farms in the area.  Stephanie Witmer (of no relation to the aforementioned Heidi) of Civil Eats explains that these types of programs are starting to become more prominent:

This type of program has become fairly common in urban parts of the country, including Brooklyn’s Added Value, New Orleans’ Grow Dat Youth Farm, Madison’s Community GroundWorks and Boston’s The Food Project, as it is commonly agreed that city kids benefit from growing and harvesting their own food. But increasing evidence suggests that the majority of rural youth are no more in touch with the source of the food they eat than those in cities. And 16.5 percent of rural youth are obese, compared to 14.4 percent of their urban counterparts. In other words, there’s a real need for food and farm education in the country."

Learn more about LEAF and their important mission at the Civil Eats link below.

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