Bayer Blasted On Killing Bees


We had to share this week’s full page ad in the New York Times: “Bayer, stop killing America’s bees.” Already banned by the European Union, neonicotinoid pesticides (Bayer is the #1 manufacturer) are still in use in the United States. According to the ad’s sponsor, Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), mounting scientific evidence shows “neonics” are “a key factor in the alarming collapse of bee colonies.” The ad also appeared in Europe.

Now’s the time to send the following letter to Bayer’s CEO:


I am appalled that Bayer has continued to ignore, hide or attack the mounting scientific evidence that "neonic" pesticides are a key factor in the alarming collapse of bee colonies.

Study after study shows that neonics can debilitate, sicken and kill bees -- vital pollinators that are indispensable to our food supply. As a direct result, the European Union has imposed a moratorium on selling these bee-toxic products in Germany and across the E.U. But your company, the largest maker of neonics, has refused to act responsibly and remove them from the U.S. market.

Bayer's stated mission is "Science for a Better Life." Please heed the science now because there will be no better life without bees. I call on you to stop selling bee-killing neonics immediately. That is the only way to restore Bayer's reputation and rebuild the trust of consumers like me. Otherwise, you will face mounting public outrage from consumers like me who can and will refuse to purchase your products.

You can send this letter, or your own, by using the NRDC form and “auto send” here.

Here’s some of Wellness Warrior’s reportage on the bees’ issue:



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