Be Nice, Live Longer


It’s a simple well known fact that is easy to forget: being nice is a good thing. We are often quick to extend this courtesy to others, but how often do we gift niceness to ourselves? A little piece of research out of Brandeis University suggests that the more compassion you have for yourself, the better you will be able to handle stress.

Take a look at the article from The Telegraph’s Health News desk and then look in the mirror and give yourself a smile. You may have just added a few years to your life.

Scientists discovered after the first day that those with higher self-compassion “exhibited significantly lower stress responses… even when controlling for self-esteem, depressive symptoms, demographic factors, and distress”.

More surprisingly, however, was that on the second day, scientists discovered the participants with low self-compassion exhibited higher stress levels than they had the previous day before they were subjected to the stress test."


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