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Two exhausted candidates are soon to reach the finish line. Whoever wins, taking time to recover, renew, and reflect will be in order. And even though policy focusing directly on the health and wellbeing of Americans was not a priority during the presidential debates (or in any of the down-ballot races either) "wellness" just might be top of mind to both winners and losers after tomorrow.

As Wellness Warriors we believe it’s time for Congress to step up and create policies that protect the American people and reflect what they are demanding as consumers and activists. With the launch of our newest initiative PolicyWell.com, wellness policy can now be top of mind to all Americans, and most importantly, serve as a benchmark of accountability to legislators as they vote on issues that directly affect our health and wellbeing. Visitors to PolicyWell.com can easily review the voting record of each of the 435 members in the House and 100 in the Senate on bills that protect (or harm) our health by simply entering a zip or clicking on a state

Wellness Warrior is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit and we do not make endorsements or lobby. Politicians are scored on a percentage—the higher the score, the stronger a legislator’s support of bills that impact the future health of our families, our communities and our planet. 

PolicyWell's congressional scorecard takes a broader view.


We survey bills on climate change, toxins, sustainable food systems, public health and natural resources. Taken altogether, they present a 360-degree view of how a legislator responds to regulations vs. placing unbridled, free-market trust in manufacturers and corporations. 

Our first year's scores show an apparent split along partisan lines: Democrats tend to score higher than Republicans. (A good score is about 80% or better.) But buried in the partisan bickering that has hamstrung the 114th Congress, a closer look reveals some individuals, irregardless of party, who have not been as beholden to the lobbyists and corporate interests.

With the new 115th Congress, PolicyWell aims to shine a light on areas where progress has been made or lost. With a sharp focus on transparency and accountability, we will be sharing analytics and insights about the many bills and ammendments that initially sound good but are intended to diminish or roll back much of the progress that has been made.  

Our board and council of influential allies and advisors share a commitment and vision for the health and wellbeing for all Americans, starting with our founder, Deborah Szekely—the original Wellness Warrior, who 76 years ago opened North America’s first health and fitness resort, Rancho La Puerta and later the Golden Door. 

When my husband and I first started out, it was never our intention to reach only the educated and the wealthy, and to limit nature’s teaching only to those who could afford it. It was always our conviction that health is the birthright of all.”

Joining Deborah is former commissioner of the FDA and noted author Dr. David A. Kessler MD; educator and creator of FoodPolitics.com Dr. Marion Nestle; alternative medicine guru Dr. Kenneth Pelletier MD; cardiologist and integrative medicine pioneer Dr. Mimi Guarneri MD; Richard Louv, author of “Last Child in the Woods” and co-founder of the Children and Nature Network; Pamela Peeke, MD, special advisor to the U.S. Surgeon General; Brent Bauer, MD, director, Complementary and Integrative Medicine Program at the Mayo Clinic, and many others who are forging new and innovative paths in how we experience and understand health and wellness.

As we close out this election season and the last of us head to the polls to cast our votes, we salute those members of Congress who continue to fight for our wellness. And to those who don’t, we say, take time out for a visit to a spa or wellness center, drop by and say "hello" at your local farmers market, breath the air around you a little more deeply and mindfully... and please feel free to JOIN US! 

Nothing will have more impact on our future than preserving our right to health and wellness. 

The greatest wealth is health. ~Virgil

If you would like to share a comment about PolicyWell.com, please use the box below. We are continually working on new functions for this free online tool, and your feedback in vital to the process!

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