Bittman v. Williams: Pro Health v. Pro Food Industry


Food marketing plays a big role in how we perceive what is “healthy.” Recent scientific studies have shown that saturated fats may not be as bad for our bodies as we once thought, given that we consume the right kinds and don’t go overboard. (How, then, did we get it in our heads that “fat free” was the way to go?)

Tom Philpott gives a stellar explanation of the issues by outlining a recent debate between Mark Bittman and James McWilliams in his latest Mother Jones piece.

James McWilliams—a historian who has made a name for himself in prestigious publications like the New York Times and The Atlantic for his contrarian defenses of the food industry—is back at it. In an item published last week in the excellent Pacific Standard, McWilliams uses the controversy over a recent study of saturated fat as a club with which to pummel food industry critics like the Times' Mark Bittman.


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