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A number of news items this week highlighted the dangerous effects that climate change has on our health. First, a study out of the Harvard School of Public Health estimates that levels of iron and zinc in our food crops will significantly decrease as CO2 concentrations rise. An article on explains:


Given that an estimated two billion people suffer from zinc and iron deficiencies, resulting in a loss of 63 million life years annually from malnutrition, the reduction in these nutrients represents the most significant health threat ever shown to be associated with climate change."

In a similar vein, the White House National Climate Assessment was recently released, and among many other things, the outlook for agriculture is not so hot (if you’ll pardon the pun). The report says in summation:

Climate disruptions to agriculture have increased. Many regions will experience declines in crop and livestock production from increased stress due to weeds, diseases, insect pests, and other climate change induced stresses."

Unnerving, right? Well, luckily there are plenty of people out there who are fighting for climate action. One of our longtime favorites is Senator Barbara Boxer. In an exclusive interview with Mom’s Clean Air Force, Boxer explains her views on air pollution, Keystone tar sands, the Koch Brother’s misleading tactics and more. On her action to prevent climate change, Boxer remarks:

I have formed the Senate Climate Action Task Force with Senator Sheldon Whitehouse and we are working to “wake up Congress” to climate change. We are realistic about the current makeup of Congress and the difficulty in passing climate change legislation, but we are not going to sit back or give up trying to raise visibility of the serious threats facing our nation. The great news is that we have a group of 23 Senators who are all committed to using our bully pulpit to elevate the issue and “wake up Congress.”

We’re gratified that Senator Boxer is working hard for our movement, and we are with her while she works towards a government that will stand up for the health of our nation and the world.

PHOTO: Steve Rhodes, Creative Commons


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