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The art of aromatherapy, using natural oils extracted from flowers, bark, root, leaves and other plant parts, has been gaining momentum in the mainstream for some time now. Essential oils are widely believed to benefit brain stimulation when inhaled and can also be absorbed through the skin, traveling through the bloodstream to promote healing.

While it’s true that lavender may help with headaches and lemongrass might increase clarity, the reality is that we all have different feelings and reactions to a particular aroma. In other words, one size does not necessarily fit all in the scent department. Smells are as personal as they are powerful, evoking memories, feelings and even chemical reactions that are different for different people. These reactions can either assist or hinder the healing process depending on the individual’s response to the scent. It is with that personalization in mind that a new trend in customized aromatherapy has begun to emerge. Spafinder reports that:

In 2014, there will be a growing effort to craft an aromatherapy of intention, working in tandem with botanists and even high-tech digital technology. In addition, inspiring, local, and natural scent will play a bigger role in the business world and in public spaces (restaurants, retail, hotels, hospitals).”

All of which is to say that is an exciting time for scent, everyone! So clear your mind, along with your sinuses, and inhale deeply!


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