Broccoli is the New Sexy

If you’re like us, then you are "fed up" with junk food marketing everywhere you look from checkout aisles to sports icons and all points in between. A Dutch advertising company out of the Netherlands called Boomerang Motion in partnership with Food Guerilla felt the same way and used their skill and wit to fight fire with fire, or, maybe we should say fight hamburger with broccoli. A melange of some of the most outlandish yet effective marketing campaigns employing the most over-the-top advertising gimmicks (loud inspirational music, simple text, crisp design, and high contrast close-ups) are used in this video and you may very well get pumped about one of the most ubiquitous veggies in the cruciferae family. This is marketing with a point. From their webstie, Boomerang Motion writes:

Nobody seems to care about fruit and vegetables. But exactly these products do what others claim. They make you happy, sexy and all that! But we did not want to start a boring campaign telling people to eat more greens. We want to make you crave for your next shot of broccoli.

On a similar, yet more policy oriented note, if you are fed up as we are about junk-food advertising, show your support for CT Senator (D) Rick Blumenthal’s Stop Subsidizing Childhood Obesity Act which would prohibit companies from taking tax deductions for marketing unhealthy food to children. The gained federal revenue would go to a USDA program that gets fresh fruits and veggies to children in underserved areas. A win-win as far as we are concered.



Photo Credit: Big Bang Broccoli


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