Citibank Supports the Fresh Food Movement


We were pleasantly surprised recently when we saw that Citi credit card is supporting the fresh food movement in a big way. Their new program called, “Food On All Tables”, is committed to helping people access, “fresh, affordable food and nutritional education.”

How, you might ask, are they keeping this commitment? We read further, and discovered it is partly through a program they are sponsoring called the Citi Gardens initiative, which launches late this month. Citi is in partnership with the Alliance College-Ready Public Schools in South Los Angeles and the Low Income Investment Fund (LIIF). According to their website, the program

 …will bring a new source of healthy produce to the South Los Angeles community. It’s part of how Citi is demonstrating its commitment to help combat food insecurity.”

This means that students from a low-income area in L.A. will soon be gaining access to a 4,000 square foot garden. Not only will the fresh food be available to them there, but a new athletic field is in place near the garden, and educational programs that promote eating better and living a healthier life will be available as well.

It’s important to acknowledge this as a significant first step for corporation’s directly supporting their communities. It is always encouraging when the big money-makers latch on to an idea like food security and nutritional education. It means that the tides are turning. We the consumers, vote every day with what we buy, and it seems that our voices are beginning to be heard. Onward and upward Wellness Warriors!

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