Climate Change: While Governors Deny, Mayors Unite

climate_progress_map.jpgRecent anti-regulatory rhetoric from governors in many states over the EPA’s climate change plan has us scrutinizing our state and local leadership and their beliefs and dedication to preventing or reversing climate change. The good folks at think progress have done an assessment complete with an interactive map, that is worth checking out. Tiffany Germain and Ryan Koronowski explain:

Fifteen out of twenty-nine sitting Republican governors deny climate science despite the overwhelming level of scientific consensus, the enormous cost to taxpayers, and the critical place governors occupy in implementing new limits on carbon pollution. None of the country’s Democratic governors have made public statements denying climate change."

Check out your state to see where your governor stands. It’s not look so hot for the GOP (literally and figuratively), but there is some hope for some mayors within GOP states. All states in fact. Late in June at the US Conference of Mayors 1060 mayors from all 50 states. Check out the list, and see if you mayor is there. The Guardian Reports that the resolution:

encourages cities to use natural solutions to "protect freshwater supplies, defend the nation's coastlines, maintain a healthy tree cover and protect air quality," sometimes by partnering with nonprofit organizations."

So, what to do with these whiney Governors and non-signing mayors? Educate! And Advocate!

For your viewing pleasure, check out the recent Illustrated Guide to Climate Change by Moms Clean Air Force. Great for kids as well as governors and mayors.

Also, if you haven’t gotten a chance to see John Oliver’s recent bit on climate change denial, it is really worth a watch. Watch out for sensitive viewers, John Oliver is prone to using a few colorful four letter words (only two in this segment)


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