CNN’s Top 10 Healthiest Cities From Around the Globe

healthiest_cities_wellness_warrior.jpgA recent CNN iReport survey revealed what they have dubbed the 10 healthiest cities across the globe—the idea being that, when it comes to staying healthy, it’s not only about how you live, but where you live.

The survey reveals how local and national government plays a role in increasing quality of life by passing laws that provide services to ensure access to things like fresh food, parks and public transport. Other contributors include measures that are taken to assist the elderly age with dignity and those programs committed to combating disease.

Citizen participation also plays a huge role. Cities where residents remain active, prioritizing their health and wellbeing by utilizing the services and natural resources around them, are considered the healthiest. CNN explains this by citing examples from around the world...

From line dancing to surfing rivers to life-size games of chess, they show us that staying active doesn’t have to be a chore.”

Napa made the list in part for its extensive hiking and biking trails along with its arts and culture scene. No surprise there, perhaps, but a bit surprising was the fact that New York City did too. It was the Big Apple’s hard stance on no smoking that qualified it as one of the healthiest cities around.

Havana Cuba might have also seemed an unlikely candidate with the majority of the population living in poverty. Healthcare prevention was what put it on the list, however, with a nearly 100% vaccination rate and a focus on regular health screenings with free polyclinics in nearly every neighborhood.

Melbourne Australia made the cut with its perfect weather and sparkling coastline that entice residents to get outside and stay active. The city’s many parks, bike trails and thriving cultural scene also seems to boost people’s mental health as well.

Copenhagen, Denmark, was also an obvious choice with its government-supported parks and bike paths, along with a shorter workweek and access to fresh food.

To find out what other cities made the list and why, head over to CNN to read the synopsis of the survey in its entirety. Whether you live in a super “healthy city” or not, as wellness warriors we can all take a few lessons from these places.


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