Sweet, Innocent Corn? The Latest Scare for Gluten-Glommed Guts?


As more and more people realize that they are indeed allergic to gluten lurking in nearly every processed food item out there, food companies have responded to the shift in the market by coming out with a plethora of gluten-free products. Whereas it used to be difficult for those of us with gluten allergies to find GF substitutes for pasta, bread, cereal and the likes, nowadays even places like Walmart (gasp!) cater to those needs. It would seem that our long suffering gluten-glommed guts finally have the chance to rest and heal, right?

Not so fast, says a new article written by Dr. Amy Myers, a renowned leader in functional medicine. According to Myers all that gluten is being replaced by another sneaky ingredient that is potentially just as harmful and that, like gluten, is hidden in almost everything from processed food, cosmetics, and packaging to chewing gum and even the meat we eat.

We’re talking about corn, of course. “Although corn is touted as a health food, just like gluten it can cause a leaky gut.” Dr. Myers explains. “This is because, to many people’s bodies, the protein in corn can look like gluten, and they “cross-react” to it. For those who know they suffer from gluten intolerance, this cross-reactivity provides an endless amount of frustration, worsened by the fact that our culture has been indoctrinated with the idea that corn products are a wonderful substitute for gluten-containing products.

While at first glance this doesn’t appear to be very encouraging news, we feel it is in fact another step in the right direction. Whether or not corn is affecting us in the same way as gluten remains to be seen. Knowledge is power, though The more we know the more we can investigate and affect possible change.


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