Dear McDonalds, “Sustainable” Beef Should Not Make Superbugs


We keep a close eye on big corporations. McDonald’s recently announced that they will move to using “Sustainable” beef in all of their restaurants. We were skeptical about this a few months ago and we have more evidence to prove that distrust now. The good folks at the Pew Health point out the standards that McDonald’s plans to use from the Global Roundtable for Sustainable Beef (GRSB) make no mention of how antibiotics are used:

Unfortunately, the Roundtable’s draft standards do not tackle the overuse of antibiotics on industrial farms, a huge missed opportunity to help battle the global antibiotic resistance crisis. Livestock are frequently fed low doses of antibiotics to compensate for crowded and dirty conditions on the farms, a practice that leads to the development of drug-resistant bacteria that make infections more difficult and costlier to treat ...”

Though we have a lot of complaints about McDonald’s, the influence that they have is vast and it is important that they get this right. So, let’s help them! Hop on to the Pew Health site and add your name to the petition demanding that McDonald’s and GRSB do more to protect us from antibiotic overuse.


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