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superfree.jpgYou have to read the blog Superfree. You. Just. Have. To.

Author Madeline Rose Lee has this strange, wonderful, spare, weirdly punctuated writing style that’s existential yet conversational and confessional, philosophical yet hipster-deep. We feel we’re reading the Hemingway of food bloggers--not so much nihilistic as real-worldistic. Oh, did we mention that she cooks under the incredible restrictions of living with an autoimmune disease?

She does. She rocks. Her food’s delicious. Here’s a sample, both of her recipe intros and...two “salty sweet smother smear” recipes!

They sometimes say I may need more salt. They."

I guess I am pretty sweet. JK OK"

Ever so slightly low blood pressure. Also ever so slightly low blood sugar. Both supposedly amplified by my semi-high height (and quite possibly my extra active/athletic tendencies) – standing tall (chin slightly tucked, shoulders up, back, and down duh) with the resulting gravitational pull and consequential lightheadedness and all – at least according to a lifelong nurse / one of many pseudo-mother figures. Woah is me RN."

I've got a few (approximately 7) words for you two, you borderline hypoglycemia and marginal hypotension – pink sea salt and soft medjool dates. Problem. Solved. For real, though. SO seldom feel faint anymore. Living (walking running riding kicking dancing screaming swimming breathing dreaming laughing crying meditating yoga-ing...) proof FTW."

It is gems such as these that pull off such a balancing act, NOT the highly-processed "food" products with obscene levels of added sodium to 'maintain freshness' aka this can or this plastic bag full of whatever TF it is that will last for-fucking-ever AND most notably our ingredients are shit so here taste this delicious salt cesspool and refined white sugar castle of confusion to in effect immediately overload the senses / stimulate all the receptors / push all the buttons / trigger all the points, to ensure that all of the quality or definitely lack thereof is disguised behind the busy buzz strobe light salt and sugar show. This show must not go on. Insane in the actual brain. Don't be a fool for them. Damn the man, or something like that."

AH. I can already feel the stress levels rising, the chronic cortisol elevation (cue visceral fat storage – the very best kind, that deep, stubborn sub-muscular belly fat yum) summoning the systemic inflammatory responses. All too soon unmistakably displayed via our largest organ and first line of immune system defense, that being the skin. SO much more on this vicious cycle later. But briefly, and again... We Are Not Reductive Beings. As much as we wish to view ourselves this way, we are actually whole, integrally interrelated systems within ourselves and in respect to each other that we only pretend to understand."

Anyway, none of these extremes are necessary. The stimulus field day, the pills, the 'diets' (up there with the most distorted words in the english language, btw), the whatevers. Let's opt for balance, instead. Please and thank you. These babes (see '7 words' above) work to reach an equilibrium even if you are on the other end of said spectrums – hyperglycemia and hypertension, much?"

Dates, in all of their sultry sweet dulcitude, are in fact on the low end of the glycemic index – minimal spike in blood sugar and thus minimal inevitable parallel crash. *SEE unrefined sweetness. Also, whether causal of said effects or just an aside, dates have many other reasons to be loved on in light of their fiber content, vitamin and mineral abundance (calcium, magnesium, iron, the superstar water-soluble B vitamins, etc., etc.), and natural sweetness in that additional sweeteners are almost never needed.

And pink sea salt, in all of it's salivating allure, is very much more than your humdrum flavor enhancer. It bites the tongue in the v best way. Teeth. Yum. But with tons of naturally occurring trace elements and noting the role it plays in balancing pH levels in our cells, your anything and everything can taste that much sweeter, or, saltier."

salty sweet. smother smear smack smack smack. lips. noms."



1 c whole rolled oats (GF DUH)

1/2 c coconut flour

1/3 c raw cacao powder

2 t fine espresso grounds

1/3 c coconut oil, melted

1/4 c coconut nectar (or agave if you're not quite up on this, just dial up that viscosity somewhere between a slippery maple syrup and a gooey honey variety)

1 t pink sea salt

1/2 t cinnamon

PREHEAT oven to 350F

LIGHTLY oil your whatever pan (10" round tart as pictured above, 11" x 4" long rectangular tart as pictured way below) with coconut oil, and/or line with parchment paper

BAKE for 10 minutes

ROTATE pan in oven, bake another 10-12 minutes (remove from oven right as it starts to brown – we don't want it to be too crispy and it will continue to cook slightly even out of the oven 'cause the pan is hot ya know) THIS IS THE TRICK. get. with. me.


20 medjool dates (purchase WITH pits please gah – superior quality)

1/4 c coconut oil, melted

1.5+ c full-fat coconut milk

splash vanilla extract

1 t pink sea salt, coarse grind

1 t maca root powder

1 t vanilla bean powder

1.5 c coconut flakes, toasted

PREHEAT oven to 375F

BOIL a medium-sized pot halfway full of water, then turn off heat

REMOVE pits from dates

SOAK those smushes in the hot water

SPREAD coconut flakes out on parchment paper-lined cookie sheet and bake for ~7 minutes, watch closely as they can burn easily yikes!

DRAIN soaked dates

ADD all ingredients (except ~1/2 c of the full-fat coconut milk) to food processor and pulse until combined, scraping down the sides periodically

ADD extra coconut milk as needed to obtain smoothest product

NOW pink-sea-salted-caramel your tart or cookie or face or whatever eat the COOKIE FACE

PHOTOS:Pink Sea-Salted Coffee Cacao Crust and Mini Pumpkin Black Current Muffins with Pink Sea-Salted Caramel via "ALL THE FEELINGS IN SAUCY, COAKED, SWEET, BAKED" published on SUPERFREE


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