Do it like Deutschland? When It Comes To Supermarket Waste, Let’s Try It


A new grocery store in Germany is going container-free. It’s one of those ideas that makes so much sense when you think about it. After all, way too much of the garbage crowding our landfills comes directly from food packaging.

The concept is simple. Shoppers at the store (created by two social impact innovators, Sara Wolf and Milena Glimbovski) will either bring their own reusable containers from home, or be provided with them at the store. According to Takepart, “The grocery store doesn’t sell anything that comes in a disposable box, bag, jar, or other container. It ditches the traditional supermarket model of shelf after shelf of packaged convenience foods for one that gives shoppers grains in bulk bins, attractively displayed produce that’s not shrink-wrapped or stored in tetra packs, and beverage stations just waiting for refillable bottles.”

We are delighted by this brave and beautiful design. Hopefully it takes off so that something similar starts up here in the United States as well.


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