Dumpster Dining with a Message


We’ve heard of hipster dinner parties before but Josh Treuhaft's, Salvage Supperclub takes it to a whole new level. Picture a summer evening out in Brooklyn... there are sparkling lights hanging from above and friends by your side, but when it’s time to be seated, you find your chair and table set up inside of a dumpster.

Don’t worry, you won’t be picking gum from the bottom of your shoe. There’s no actual trash involved here. There is, however a very lovely dining experience inside an old washed-out dumpster. Confused? Well, there’s actually an important reason behind this Oscar the Grouch motif.

Treuhaf’s goal is to bring awareness to the ever-increasing issue of food waste, which let’s face it, isn’t exactly the most mouthwatering topic. Waste might have the ick factor to it, but dining out is almost always a welcome idea.

Fifty dollars gets diners a delicious 6-course meal prepared by Chef Ceila Lam. We’re talking beet tartare with cashew cheese and watermelon-rind pickles with beet-green spanakopita here. Yum! There’s one other catch though, which is that the entire meal is made out of food scraps. This means ingredients that are salvaged, like parts of a vegetable that might normally be discarded in a more traditional restaurant kitchen. Whether that’s broccoli stocks, the ugliest carrots of the harvest, or slightly expired zucchini, it’s all perfectly edible food that would otherwise be trash.

As an article in Takepart explains,

While no actual Dumpster diving is involved in the dinners, the peaked, past-its-prime food is sourced from farms, farmers markets, restaurants, and home kitchens. Without the intervention of Treuhaft and Lam, it all would have ended up in the trash. Proceeds from the dinners are donated to the nonprofit City Harvest, which itself salvages some 46 million pounds of food a year in New York to help feed the city’s estimated 2 million residents who face hunger.”

It’s definitely an important message to put out there. It makes us want to go scavenging through our refrigerators to make something scrumptious out of what would have otherwise become scraps.

PHOTO: Salvage Supperclub


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