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Sorry for the pun. It just had to happen. No more to follow, we promise.

Ahh, the mighty egg; go-to protein source for vegetarians, breakfast champion, and self-contained protein shake when eaten like Rocky.

We are well aware of the negative environmental, human health, and ethical problems associate with factory-farm-raised chickens, and expanding beyond those conventionally raised eggs can create a miasma of options. Mary Macvean of the LA Times offers some advice to clear up the confusion. Through an interview with Dr. Annie King, an animal science professor at UC Davis, she gives a short list of product label definitions to help you decide next time you roam to your super market.

Cage-free: Birds may roam freely in a room or enclosed area, with unlimited access to food and water during their production cycles.

Free range: These birds have shelter indoors with unlimited access to food, water and to the outdoors during their production cycles. The outdoor area may be fenced or covered with netting.

Natural: This has no bearing on farm practices. All eggs are “natural!”

Read the rest of these helpful definitions at the link below. It is also worth noting that Macvean speaks highly of going to your local farmers market and asking the vendor yourself.


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