Fall In Love With Autumn Veggies


In many parts of the country, the air is crisp and the days are slowly growing shorter. If the first frost hasn’t put your summer garden to rest yet then it’s only a matter of time.

But not to fret, even without the corn on the cob, tomatoes, and zucchinis, there are smorgasbords of slightly more sophisticated autumn vegetables patiently waiting in the wings to make their debut. As a recent article in The Kitchen puts it,

It's always sad to see ripe summer vegetables fade out, but there is excitement that comes in with the even more interesting and complex vegetables of fall. Anyone can slice a tomato and put it on a plate, but do you know how to enjoy turnips?”

The article goes on to describe 12 fall vegetables and a few ideas about how to prepare each one. Take turnips for example: they suggest making them into a soup, or roasting them with a little butter and maple syrup glaze. And for those of us that want to get even fancier, they suggest using the turnip in a savory tart. Yum!

From cauliflower steaks and apple cabbage salad to roasted acorn squash and sweet potatoes with yogurt for breakfast, there are quite a few tasty treats in here that are worth taking a look at. Bon appetit, Wellness Warriors!

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