Finding Peace May Be Everything BUT A Phone Call Away


Sometimes it seems like the programming in our phones and other screened devices is actually programming us. Many of us know the value of a digital detox, but actually cutting the cord (or the wifi and the network) is a whole different story. Mike Robbins offers this story about his recent experience of letting go of his phone and what a powerful impact it had on not only him but his whole family. The power of intention of attention!

And, just in case we need another reminder to get our noses out of our screens, Jane Brody of the New York Times recently did a piece on the psychological effects that too much screen time can have on children. Hint: it’s not that great: signs of addiction, lack of the ability to “self-soothe,” depression, thinking that the real world is fake—generally, a list of things that you absolutely want to avoid in your life or your child’s.

If your phone is getting you down, Nathan Collins of the Pacific Standard suggests a simple cure—head to the woods. A recent study out of Stanford University found that people who went for a walk in the woods were less likely to ruminate on negative thoughts. The lead researcher studied “psychological ecosystem services”—in other words, the good things that being outside does to our brain.

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