Finding “Safe Seeds” To Match Your Garden’s Zone: It’s Easy Now

4801591.jpgWith the snow finally melting in much of the country, and those spring buds bursting with blooms, it’s high time to begin planning and planting our gardens. For those of us interested in getting our hands dirty but unsure of what seeds to sow, there is no need to pull your hair out fretting, especially when you could be pulling out weeds. Technology has teamed with local wisdom to take the guesswork out of determining when to plant and what to grow depending on your specific growing region.

First, master your growing zone. Here are a few of our favorite resources.

In the West, start with…

The magazine’s “Western Garden Book” has been called “The Bible of Western Gardening” for half a century now, and for good reason. Sunset popularized the notion of individual home gardeners identifying their very specific climate zone, and planting accordingly. Good only for the Rocky Mountain states westward to the Pacific.

This website is a great resource and so easy to use. Simply enter your zip code to gain access to a regional garden reporter (expert) along with his/her articles that directly relate to your particular growing zone for this time of year.

Download the USDA Hardiness Zone Map, which can be used as a reference to determine what plants best suite your particular planting zone.

Check out the information on Gardenate. Click on your planting zone after determining it via the USDA Hardiness Growing Map. Gardenate gives you an idea of exactly what plants to sow each month and when it will be available for harvest.

Then, pick your seeds (the really fun part!).

Perusing the options at Baker Creek’s heirloom vegetable seeds is the next best thing to wandering the world.

Perhaps the best-known brand of all seed companies, Burpee has kept up with the times by innovating new varieties as well as protecting heirlooms.

Their pledge of organic quality is the gold standard for any vegetable gardener who wants to go organic. The USDA hardiness zone map is also here.  

Several editors here at Wellness Warriors love Vermont--and are even from there. That’s why we always turn to this Northeast company. You don’t have to have a long beard to order, but it probably helps their seeds know they’ve gone to a good home.

And many many more of course. You may wish to sort through the myriad by supporting your most-local seed grower. Happy gardening this summer, Wellness Warriors!


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