Food Day 2014 is Almost Here; A National Event. Real Food, Just Food


Next week, we celebrate the 3rd Annual Food Day here in the US, an effort headed by CSPI (Center For Science in the Public Interest) to raise awareness of food and farming in our country, and to help engage our nation in the change for healthier diets and better food policies.

A recent post by Diane Hartz via Food Day’s blog, reminds us of the Statement of Principles that was developed at last year’s TEDxManhattan for the food movement. Noting the power of collective action and importance of clear goals, Hartz uses these principles to remind us that we are one big community of people and together our voices can make substantial change. The crux of the movement from the Statement is simple and straightforward:  

Everyone should have access to healthy, fresh, sustainable, affordable food.  Everyone. Food is a fundamental human right."

A simple statement, but the problems embedded in it are complex. For instance, in this fabulous and short post on Environmental Working Group’s AgMag Blog, Mike Lavender explains how popular rhetoric around solving world hunger can often be misguided.

He, like many others, is suggesting that instead of asking “How can we feed the world?” we ask “How can the world feed itself?”  

Wellness Warrior hopes you will participate in Food Day 2014 on Friday, October 24th! suggests five ways you can participate from wherever you are:

  1. Attend a Food Day event — Check out our Food Day national map and plug in your zipcode to find details about Food Day events near you.

  2. Join the #FoodDayChat Twitter Chat — 5 hours, 5 topics--a conversation about food justice, public health, food policy, and more.  This online event is hosted by @FoodDay2014, 12-5pm ET on October 24.  Follow and use hashtag #FoodDayChat to participate.

  3. Thunderclap — Register your social media account for the #FoodDay2014 Thunderclap to add your voice to support real and just food for all.  The more people who sign up, the bigger the impact we can make!

  4. Food Literacy Quiz —  Share the Food Day Food Literacy Quiz and encourage your network to take it on Food Day.

  5. #FoodDayPlate — Participate in the #FoodDayPlate contest on social media by sharing a photo of your healthy or sustainable meal on Food Day! Use hashtag #FoodDayPlate to participate.

Food Day is not to be confused with the United Nation’s Food and Agriculture Organization’s World Food Day on October 16th, an event to promote global awareness of hunger and ways of creating more sustainable global food systems. This year’s theme was Family Farming: Feeding the World, Caring for the Earth, picked in large part because recent reports estimate that 98% of farms in the world are family operations. Smallholder, family owned farms, as folk singer Willie Nelson explains in an essay written for World Food Day, are uniquely poised to feed the world and sustain our soils.

We need to redefine wealth as the ability to make a decent living from the land as well as to sustain it for the next generation. To grow crops for food and fuel while simultaneously enriching the soil upon which future crops depend. To support a family and a community. To work in partnership with nature to protect our health and the health of our planet. As caretakers of our soil and water, this has been and always should be the essential role of the family farmer.”

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