From Your Brain to Your Stomach - Learn About Your Gut


If you are as fascinated about the gut’s microbiome as we are and want to know more, you might be interested in this MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) being offered this fall by the University of Colorado Boulder.

Titled Gut Check: Exploring your Microbiome, the course promises to explore and explain the inner workings of our bowels and how they are connected to every other part of our body.

Join us on a guided tour of the human gut and its microscopic inhabitants. We will first review what microbes are and how they get into our bodies. We will then discuss the methods we use to study microbial communities and briefly explore how gut microbiome data are analyzed. This information will provide us with a foundation to explore current microbiome research. We will cover topics such as the influence of the gut microbiota on our nutrition, health and behavior."

Check out the course video and consider signing up. Like all MOOCs, it’s free!


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