Gathering of the Green Spas...Next week we’ll be reporting from Yosemite

Triptych-Yosemite.jpgTomorrow the Wellness Warrior team will be in the land of Muir and Adams: the gleaming granite bowls, cliffs, domes and pinnacles of Yosemite National Park. The setting gives us the chance to ponder the preservation and protection of so much in this world—for nothing inspires every heart that yearns for being in nature quite like traipsing through (or near) wilderness herself.

What’s Green Spa? Actually, the full name is Green Spa Network: an organization of spas and spa-product companies and individuals who pledge to make their industry more “efficient, sustainable, and earth-friendly.” Their efforts extend beyond asking you to re-use your towels, however.

Far beyond.

“We are environmental ambassadors and spokespeople to the millions of spa visitors we come into contact with every year,” they pledge, and their Yosemite “congress” is the 8th in a series of annual meetings where inspiration is bolstered by real-world strategies that have a lasting environmental impact.

What’s Yosemite? We’re not being facetious: everyone seems to “know” Yosemite, but its valley is certainly not a wilderness, nor does standing on the threshold of a vast house mean you have seen the inside. The park reveals itself to those who trust their feet (and sometimes their hands) to hike and climb away from the roadways and conference rooms...which we will do!

Nor does reading John Muir mean you have heard all of Yosemite’s most lyric and reverent voices.

Listen to Ansel Adams, who lived there early on, and then spent the rest of his life returning to Yosemite again and again as his ultimate touchstone: the beginning of your mountain experience, you were not impatient, for the spirit was gently all about you as some rare incense in a Gothic void. Furthermore, you were mindful of the enter the wilderness and seek, in the primal patterns of nature, a magical union with beauty.”

Founder Michael Stusser of Osmosis said recently, “We as an industry are in such an amazing position to accomplish so much. So much...

What we’re really about here, whether it’s about the products we’re creating or the services in our spas, is lifestyle change, about raising consciousness...this is the big why of why we’re in this industry. This is our higher calling.”

We look forward to sharing the highlights with you.



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