Get Outside and Get Some Higher Power

get outside and get some higher power wellness warrior

We are big fans of the natural world here at Wellness Warrior and we also know that developing some connection to a higher power and inner-stillness can be helpful for 

overall health and well being. So it was no surprise to learn about this new study touting one of the many benefits of getting children outside. Researchers affiliated with Michigan State University found that children who were outside for 10 or more hours a week not only felt a spiritual connection to the earth, but also felt that they should protect it. On the reasoning of why this happens, Science Daily quotes researcher Dr. Gretel Van Wieren:

It offers a diverse display of colors, sights and sounds; uncertainty; multi-sensory qualities; and above all, aliveness, Van Wieren said. Nature is usually in a state of flux, which fosters problem-solving opportunities that build self-confidence.”

Do you think the same is true for adults? Do your own “study” by taking a walk in the woods today.


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