Get the NRA Out of Congress!

The_OTHER_NRA_infog.jpgIf we reported above, ROC United is outing National Restaurant Association (NRA) for many of its wrongdoings. Food Tank writes:

The NRA represents almost 500,000 restaurant businesses, and according to ROC, has an annual lobbying budget of US $65 million. Their recent lobbying priorities include maintaining the tipped worker wage at US $2.13 per hour – where it has been frozen since 1991 – and opposing federal and state attempts to implement health promotion policies, such as voluntary guidelines on junk food marketing to children.”

They are in Washington, D.C. lobbying this week. The two petitions below are designed to subvert the NRA’s frustrating agenda. The ROC United petition asks members of congress to stop taking money from the NRA. The Welcome Table petition is in support of the the Miller-Harkin Fair Minimum Wage Act which would raise the federal minimum wage over the next 3 years. Learn a little more about the ROC’s agenda from the Food Tank article and put your name to these petitions that are seeking to take the power away from this powerful lobbying group.


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