Get the Wiggles Out With Bedtime Yoga for the Kiddos


It’s a strange phenomenon but those of us who are parents or have cared for kids know that children seem to get a sudden burst of energy right before bedtime. It seems ironic that just when the day is finally winding down and your little ones should be feeling the most tired, they are running wild.

You try to calm them down but nothing seems to do the trick. That is until now…

If finding a calm bedtime routine sounds like an unattainable dream, then we may have an interesting solution. An article by Haley Burress in suggests that practicing bedtime yoga with your kids after bath time and pajamas—but before story time—could be the solution to tempering their energy before hitting the hay.

It’s always best to “start with the breath” the article explains...

Lie on your back with your hands on your belly. Tell your child to breathe through her nose and to count to four while breathing in and again to four when breathing out.”

Burress then goes on to describe a few other routines geared towards getting rid of the wiggles. In “Greet the Moon,” for example, participants...

Stand up tall and reach up to the sky, as if you are trying to touch the moon. Take a breath in, and as you exhale, fold forward at the hips and reach toward your toes. Breathe in and out once, counting to four. On your next inhale, stand up tall and reach up to the sky again. Continue this series of movements three to five times.”

It sounds like a great routine for children and parents alike.The main goal of bedtime stretching for adults is to reduce the muscle tension that has built up from the activities throughout the day. And after running around with the kiddos all day, who couldn’t do with a little release? Bedtime yoga has also been said to help people sleep better, which is always a good thing.

For more information and nighttime yoga poses, Burress suggests the book, Yawning Yoga.


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