GMOs Headed to a Ballot Near You?


Vermont has made GMO-labeling history, but it is not the only state.

Both Connecticut and Maine have passed initiatives, but these have a “population trigger” before they go into effect. This means, that if passed, then the two initiatives up in the state house and senate in New York would push the CT and ME laws to kick in

There is also an initiative in CA, SB31, that has some pending time constraints for it to make it to the CA Assembly floor this coming summer. And that’s not all! The folks at Right to Know GMO have compiled a fabulous map showing the  62 current bills or initiatives that are being worked on in legislatures across the U.S. Check out the map and get involved! They’ve provided us with info about each bill in each state and an easy avenue through which to contact those states. If you want to take more action for labeling GMOs, then head on over to our Get Involved! Section.



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