Hagstrom Highlights Headway for Health

hagstrom.jpgThis week’s Food Revolution Summit (still in progress!) is just another marker of the growing cry from all who seek justice in our food system. The conversation is beginning to change. Cue Jerry Hagstrom of the very informed and generally unbiased Hagstrom Report (a must-read for us agriculture policy nerds out there), who took the time this week to explain the shifts. In his article in the National Journal, Hagstrom describes a forum with Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack and the Council on Foreign relations in which questions about SNAP, GMOs, and organic farming were the topics of discussion. Hagstrom writes:

The council members' concerns could be dismissed as the personal obsessions of a wealthy elite, but as the month progressed they seemed to foreshadow an increasingly complicated agricultural world, especially for biotechnology.”

What has brought about that change? We at Wellness Warrior believe that people are waking up and demanding access to better, safer, healthier food that is not produced by corporations with profits as their one (and seemingly only) goal. Highlighting the power that not only our voices have but also our wallets, he continues:

Vilsack said that "our view at USDA is not to pick winners or losers," but that he believes the market will address "how strongly" people feel about these issues, including animal welfare.”

Vilsack also just announced via a USDA press release this year’s second package of funding earmarked for small to midsized and socially-disadvantaged producers showing support for more sustainable production.  So let’s continue to vote for food, advocate for justice, and put our money where our mouths will be by buying local and sustainable food.


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