I waited in a long line at a restaurant...and loved the delay!

Kale is the new beef! Our nation’s young people in the 20s and 30s seem to be on to something. Recently I had lunch not far from my home in San Diego at Urban Plates in Del Mar, and a very long line snaked out the door. All waited patiently to order a “farm to plate” specialty meal or large salad. Most of the restaurant’s food comes from local organic farms. Think expensive? No way, with all entrees ringing in at about $10.

I’ve observed similar popularity at True Food Kitchen in San Diego’s Mission Valley, another emerging health-food restaurant chain serving organic food, where you will find a similar age group lining up in droves for healthy meals. And the same is true at many Native Foods Cafés in Southern California, where soy-based meat substitutes like house-made seitan and tofu variations unabashedly masquerade as beef and chicken—deliciously. 

I’m beginning to believe that the “information generation”—bombarded as they are on a regular basis with tons of news and how-to articles on fighting disease and the benefits of nutritionally sound meals—is paying attention. In their quest to avoid the cancer and obesity epidemics that afflict so many Baby-Boomers, they are taking control of their health by making healthier choices today at their new favorite restaurants. It’s a great first step toward living a long and healthy life!

For this, I am definitely willing to wait in line!

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