Is your sofa on fire? Not likely, so now it’s not spewing chemicals either


You might want to sit down for this. Seriously, go, ahead and sit down on your toxic flame retardant-free furniture. Legislation recently passed in California requiring that any furniture containing flame retardants must be labeled as such.

SB 1019 received bipartisan support as well as outside support from firefighter groups, health advocates and environmentalists.  While it is only a state (and not federal) law, this is a huge step forward in the mission to get rid of the toxic chemicals that pollute our environment and our bodies. Alliance for Toxic-Free Fire Safety gives a roundup of soundbites of celebration from the news:

We know from our extensive biomonitoring projects here at Commonweal that these toxic flame retardants from the past are persistent in our bodies. Labeling helps people understand what they are exposing themselves to before they buy their furniture, so they can avoid more chemicals within their bodies," said Sharyle Patton, founder,  Commonweal Biomonitoring Resource Center."

Read more at the link below.


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