Italian Chains and Weight Gains


The Center for Science in the Public Interest recently published a report highlighting the nutrition facts for main menu items at popular US Italian chain restaurants. The results are pretty surprising and may make you think twice before you tuck in for your next antipasto (and subsequent plates that follow). Click the link above to read more about the full report, and in the meantime, take a listen to a discussion of the report by NPR’s Alison Aubrey and Sacha Pfieffer. Aubrey Comments:

It takes about 3,500 calories to put on a pound. Now metabolisms vary, and this is a rough estimate, depends on how much you're burning off, right? But it's very possible that with one large meal, eating an appetizer, an entree, and a dessert at one of these Italian-style chain restaurants, you can get to that 3,500 calories in one night.”



What’s Healthy And What’s Not At Italian Chain Restaurants via Here and Now

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