Know Thy Enemy: The Voice of Mike Pompeo


Kansas House Rep. Mike Pompeo is championing a bill written by the food industry to stop GMO labeling for good. Yesterday, the Kansas Ag Radio Network held an interview with Pompeo. He explains his logic behind backing this bill. 

He wants farmers to have access to the best possible technology, he believes that GMO’s are safe, and he explains that the bill would require foods to be labeled if, when tested by the FDA, it is unsafe. Okay. All valid points. However, his logics starts to get iffy when he talks about his mistrust of government, and he starts to get a little catty around 9:20 when he criticizes the Mayor of San Francisco and New York City Mayor Bloomberg for regulating food in ways that “make no sense for freedom.” We lose him completely when he says around 11:05:

We wouldn’t tell anybody that they would have to label their product as orange, or blue or green, even though people might think, ‘Hey, I don’t want to eat any blue foods and I should therefore have the right to know.”

The difference there, Mr. Pompeo is that you can usually see the color of a food that you are eating, and the FDA, actually does require labeling for food dyes. At any rate, overall, his logic is sound, and it is worth listening to, if not just to try and understand the other side of the argument.


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