Making Veggies Cool For Kids

Junk food advertising to kids has clearly gotten out of control, and while noble legislators like New York City Council member Ben Kallos are creating bills to fight it, a few grocery stores are taking a different approach. Puting a new spin on some tried and true marketing tricks, Jeff Dunn, CEO of Bolthouse Farms and former Coca-Cola executive, is using junk food tactics to sell vegetables. Alison Aubrey of NPR explains how Bolthouse is trying to revolutionize the produce aisle:

The company has been developing products such as pureed fruit tubes that kids can suck and slurp, all-fruit smoothies and bags of baby carrots called Veggie Snackers that come with pouches of bright-colored, bold-flavored seasonings.

When kids open the package and shake in the seasoning, the carrots take on some of the characteristics of chips like Doritos. "They give you that crunch and flavor," says Jeff Dunn, CEO of Bolthouse. "You're going to lick your fingers, and get that same sensory [experience] you get with salty snacks."

Walmart and Giant Eagle are piloting “kid zones” which will house fancily clad baby carrots and other packaging to catch the eye and distract kids from thinking that they are eating vegetables.

Listen to the full story at the NPR link below and check out the original Extreme Baby Carrot video, Bolthouse’s first forray into rebranding veggies.


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