Marion Nestle Schools Us on School Nutrition


A few weeks ago Nicholas Confessore wrote an article in The New York Times Magazine explaining the saga of school nutrition standards laden with the history of the federal school lunch program and the political moves that brought us a pretty ugly stand-off this summer with School Nutrition Association (SNA) opposing new federal nutrition standards.

Marion Nestle’s sage voice followed Confessore’s article reminding us that the SNA is just another face of the big food industry. She summarizes a disappointing (yet not surprising) backlash from this article wherein activist Bettina Siegel and food consultant Nancy Huehnergarth worked with a portion of the SNA to get them to ease their opposition, only to be met by a defensive and condescending email from the board of the SNA.  As Nestle explains Huehnergarth soon thereafter wrote an inspiring response in The Hill, which is a satisfying read.

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