McDonald’s Marketing Mayhem; The Summertime Edition


Summer camp. For many of us in childhood it was one of the highlights of the summer—if not the whole year. We made new friends. Became more confident in our ability to be on our own. Learned to eat relatively hearty and healthy food made by real cooks in the camp kitchen.

But for some children in the Philippines, their camp experience comes with a side of fries and a potential future job at McDonald’s.

Yoni Freedman, a Canadian doctor and blogger, recently reported on the McDonald’s Kiddie Crew Workshop, a program that McDonald’s has run in the Philippines since 1991 during which children are trained to work alongside employees and actually serve customers.

Here’s a video:

The kids certainly seems to be having fun, but this is a new low standard in marketing to children.  

In other McDonald’s news, the Miami Herald recently reported that McDonald’s in Florida will be testing a pilot program to speed up their lunchtime drive-thru service. From now until the end of August if you wait for longer than a minute in a drive-thru line, you’ll get a coupon for a free sandwich. That’s right, if you don’t get your unhealthy food served to you in less 60 seconds, then you can come back later to get more unhealthy food for free. Brad Tuttle of Time speculates about why McDonald’s launched this enticement . . one of them being low sales and increased competition from slightly healthier trends in newer fast-food restaurants.

While the giants in the fast food world are prominently battling for breakfast customers because more and more Americans are eating out in the morning rather than having cereal at home, lunch remains the marquee meal, attracting 34% of all customer visits. McDonald’s and the rest of the fast food scene must also contend with Chipotle and other players in the fast-casual category, which is really the only part of the chain restaurant industry that’s growing."

Once again, we are not surprised, but all the more disgusted in both of these manipulative and greedy marketing ploys.

PHOTO: _skynet on flickr


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