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There was an overwhelming amount of news on meat this week. Crazy price rises in deli meatsbacon and beef last week remind us of the cost volatility of the whole industry (and how susceptible it is to climate). Tom Philpott’s recent inquiry into Cargill-owned chicken factories once again shows us just how dangerous industrial meat operations often are. To highlight that point, this Buzzfeed article explores some major companies that choose to hide from consumers the origins of their meat because of these problems. Author Chris Ritter states:

Eating a frozen Tombstone pepperoni pizza is an act of ignorance and bliss — you probably don’t want to think about the animals that pepperoni comes from. But if you decided you did want to know more about the meat in processed foods — even if it took a little research — could you find out? In a BuzzFeed investigation, the answer turned out to nearly always be no.”

Despite these unfortunate realities, there are also people working to curtail some of these problems, like cities that are resolving to ban the use of non-therapeutic antibiotics in livestock. The news desk at Food Safety News  reports on the passing of resolutions against non-therapeutic use of antibiotics in livestock for Seattle, Cleveland, and Pittsburgh.

Finally, we turn to Dr. Frank Lipman, a pioneer and internationally recognized expert in the fields of Integrative and Functional Medicine, who shares “5 things you need to know about chicken industrial chicken. He states:

Meatless Monday movement, all have helped fuel the slide. And while some have cut out meat altogether, many people have simply swapped cows for chicken, thinking it a healthier or earth-friendlier option. Not surprisingly, the switchover to chicken has increased demand and the poultry industry has answered the call, in a way that’s anything but healthy for man or bird. In short, chicken’s got problems – and if you’re a poultry-eater, so do you.”


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