Middle School Girl Stands Up To Talk Show Host on GMOs


Rachel Parent is a 14-year old-girl on a mission to educate her peers (and certain talk show hosts) about the truth regarding GMOs.

Rachel was recently invited as a guest on the popular Canadian TV show, Lang and O’Leary, after publicly calling O’Leary out for saying that those who oppose GMOs should, “stop eating” so we can “get rid of them.”

As a guest on the show Rachel appeared unintimidated by O’Leary’s repeated attempts to sway her opinion on the matter. She stood her ground, oftentimes schooling him in such matters as Monsanto’s genetically modified “golden” rice. O’Leary (thinking himself very clever) hinted that it was unjust of Parent to oppose GMOs when food such as the rice could help keep Vitamin A deficient children in third world countries from going blind. Parent corrected him on the matter, however, letting him know that “golden rice” had in fact been scrapped because it did not work.

She went on to explain that although she is not in favor of GMOs or messing with Mother Nature in any way, at the very least GMOs need more oversight. As she put it, the only testing that is being done at the moment is by the very companies that stand to gain from GMO’s continued use.

Parent also reiterated that she advocates for better food labeling, emphasizing that we, the consumers, have a right to know what is in our food in order to make informed decisions.

Our hats are off to this brave young lady. We stand beside her in this fight and hope others will learn more about it and join the cry against GMOs.


PHOTO: courtesy of The Canadian Daily

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