Optimism Helps Keep Your Heart and Health in Tiptop Shape


Is the glass half full or empty? It may seem like a silly old saying but as it turns out, the way we answer that question—and our overall level of optimism—has a direct impact on our heart health according to a recent study out of University of Illinois.

Time broke the story recently:

The study analyzed the mental health, physical health and levels of optimism of 5,100 adults ranging from 45 to 84 years of age. Heart health scores—based on American Heart Association-approved metrics including blood pressure and body mass index—increased alongside levels of optimism.”

Even after factoring in socio-economic differences such as income, race and education, the scores increased in conjunction with an individual’s level of optimism. 

Lead author of the study, Rosalba Hernandez, found that those with a sunny outlook on life were twice as likely to be in better cardiovascular health than their Negative-Nelly counterparts.

Other studies have also linked optimism to life expectancy rates as well as improved rates of cancer survival and improved recovery after surgery.

So stay on the sunny side of life, Wellness Warriors. It does a body good!


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