Origins - Exploring Our Past to Understand Our Future


From a seacoast cave in what is now South Africa, to what is now a worldwide human population of billions, a movie called Origins explores various spheres of our existence (our homes, our bodies, our thought paradigms and our ability to make change) in a historical and evolutionary context to plot out a theory on the moves humanity has taken to get us to where we are today, and what we might be able to do to steer things in a better direction. 

While it’s Western ideologue approach may simplify the complexity of indigenous cultures and make broad generalizations about groups of people that may alienate some viewers, its core message of the importance of connecting to and understanding our specie’s role in the complex ecosystem of our planet is an integral part of making real change to our world. 

Origins Worldwide YouTube Premiere

Vital Origins driving philosophy is what they call “symbiotic capitalism” — a state of governance in which we use our capital to support those organizations and people who are truly make positive and sustainable contributions to society.  The film makes use of interviews with 36 visionary thinkers who, through their work, are exploring this concept to various degrees. These edited interviews are also available to watch, and they are full of information and inspiration.

The video below features Kari Hamerschlag, food policy activist veteran and current senior program manager of Friends of the Earth’s food and technology program.  Interviewed by’s Pedram Shojai, Hamerschlag talks about her work in making food policy change over the last 30 years. In the spirit of symbiotic capitalism, she focuses on the ways in which Big Food entities can be part of the solution by changing their practices, or part of the problem by influencing government standards and policy, such as the USDA organic label. A wealth of historical knowledge of the food movement, Hamerschlag’s vision of a sustainable food future, is in part, driven by people taking action now. Simply put, she says:

In the short term, we need way more people to step up and care. . . We need to keep the pressure up, many more people care than take action on things. Those people who do care, take action!"

Check out Origins, Hamerschlag’s interview and the 35 other interviews that are available via Vital Origins, LLC/, the Newport Beach, California-based wellness group that has made the film available free and on-line for an extremely limited time;


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