Parents Agree: Get Your Kids Outside

Photo: Laurie Dietter

A recent multi-country survey conducted by The Nature Conservancy showed that most parents think their kids are not getting enough time outside. Competing interests (homework, extracurriculars, electronics, etc...) were cited as a barrier, as well as lack of access to outside space. Though this is disappointing news, it also presents a great opportunity. The will is there and the benefits are clear, which means that taking action to develop ways of getting children outside in your community will more than likely gather huge support.

Sarita Bhargava writes for The Nature Conservancy on this study and ways in which you can create time and OUTDOOR space for children and your community at large.

Scientists discovered after the first day that those with higher self-compassion “exhibited significantly lower stress responses… even when controlling for self-esteem, depressive symptoms, demographic factors, and distress.”

More surprisingly, however, was that on the second day, scientists discovered the participants with low self-compassion exhibited higher stress levels than they had the previous day before they were subjected to the stress test."


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