Pollan and Ronald: A Civil Debate

4039396467_82e3056436_z.jpgWith the paperback release of his best selling book “Cooked” on Tuesday, Michael Pollan has been back in the news (is he ever really out of the news?!). On the heels of Vermont’s exciting new GMO-labeling law, Pollan, in the last

 Edible Education 101 session, debated pro-GMO botanist Pamela Ronald. For all the vitriol that surrounds this debate at large, Amanda Little of the New Yorker explains that it was a genial and informative debate that laid out the issues surrounding GMOs and most likely created many moments of reconsideration amongst the liberal foodie crowd in attendance. Little writes:

At the end of the event, it wasn’t clear how many people Ronald had managed to win over. It was clear, however, that she and Pollan had set an important precedent: they had convened the two sides of a contentious debate in a respectful dialogue.”

Check out the video of the debate here. And if you still haven’t adequately gotten your Pollan fix for the week, check out his interview and subsequent story by Ezra Klein on Vox. Klein opens the floor for Pollan to talk about the immense influence that “Big Ag” and “Big Food” have over government policy and the many ways in which capitalism and short-sighted grasps at immediate wealth threaten our long term subsidence. Klein writes:

It’s curious that we’re open to social engineering when it’s being done by corporations," Pollan muses. "You’re socially engineered every time you walk through the cereal aisle in the supermarket. The healthy stuff is down at your feet and the stuff with the most sugar and chocolate is at your eye level — or your child’s eye level. That doesn’t seem to bother us. But as soon as it’s done by elected officials on our behalf, it’s anathema."

PHOTO: Kris Krüg, Creative Commons


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