Science and Spirituality Merge As Meditation Proves A Cure For Chronic Pain


While downing a pill has long been the answer to most medical woes under the sun, meditation is now proving to be a possible cure when it comes to counteracting chronic pain. This is certainly good news when it comes to cutting both medical costs and addiction problems, especially in a nation so highly dependent on medication.

In her book “The Body Doesn’t Lie: The Three-Step Program to End Chronic Pain and Become Positively Radiant,”Integrative Medical Practitioner Vicky Vlachonis focuses on what she terms “pain release” instead of pain relief through meditation … as well as other holistic approaches. According to her it is about taking time to focus on your body in order to find the real source of the pain, instead of temporarily numbing it with pills.

It may sound somewhat new age, but the claim now has scientific merit.

An article in The Atlantic explains,

As knowledge of the nervous system has expanded and technology allowing scientists to visualize the nervous system has advanced, the last five to 10 years have seen a dramatic increase in the amount of studies focusing on how meditation works.”

In a recent article written by Vlachonis for Goopshe backs up her claim that meditation can help cure a myriad of ailments (including chronic and acute pain). As stated in the article,

A University of Massachusetts team studied 27 people who experienced two to 10 migraines per month both before and after a 20-minute meditation training session. None of the participants had ever meditated before, but after this singular session, the participants reported a 33% decrease in pain and a 43% decrease in emotional tension."

Brain scans have shown that meditation decreases activity in the area of the brain that process pain, the primary somatosensory cortex, while increasing activity in the areas related to pain and emotional regulation. In other words, not only does meditation literally make pain hurt less, it also helps you react less strongly to the pain, both emotionally and physically.”

Even more recent research reported in the Journal of Pain, found that chronic neck and back pain, which can lead to serious depression and mental stress in its sufferers, can also be tempered with meditation. 

The study looked at 89 patients all suffering from neck and back pain who were already showing increased levels of perceived stress. They were then randomly selected for meditation and exercise program groups. 

The result, as reported in Science Daily, found that...

…meditation training significantly reduced pain when compared to the exercise group and pain-related "bothersomeness" decreased more in the meditation group as well.”


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