Ten Short Food Films Inspire


Do you have 40 minutes to explore the sustainable food, health and farming visions of 10 filmmakers? Then sit back and be prepared to be...inspired, shocked, saddened, angered.

And again...inspired.

These short 10 finalist films were judged and curated by an impressive array of food movement icons as part of Real Food Media Project. A joint effort between Anna Lappé’s Food Mythbusters and Corporate Accountability International, the project asked for film submissions, no longer than 4 minutes, that deliver powerful messages about our relationships with food.

You have a say! Vote on your favorite film, and the work that receives the most votes will win $5,000 and debut at a TEDX Manhattan Changing the Way We Eat event.

Here are synopses, but we encourage you to watch the entire lot and vote on your favorite. Every minute will be well-spent.

Mama Adrienne – a thriving woman-run farm established to rehabilitate mothers and children after the war and residual violence in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Soft Slaughter – a butcher with a deep conscience and her approach to humane handling.

Growing Good Bugs – an entomologist who grows beneficial insects for biological pest control.

Verrückt: The Snail Farmer of Vienna – a businessman turned slow food producer in Austria.

There is Only Coffee – an Ethiopian coffee cooperative and its community.

At Needle Point – a powerful spoken-word poem about Type 2 Diabetes and soda consumption.

Bread – how one baker’s “underground bread” led to a California law permitting the sale of homemade food.

Food – a whimsical stop-motion animation about food choices, talking burgers and all.

The Oyster Men – Long Island’s scuba-harvested oysters.

Our Work is Life – farmworkers and the creation of Familias Unidas por la Justicia (United Families for Justice).


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