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In a bold and hopeful move for the planet this week, President Obama unveiled a plan that would cut carbon emission from power plants 30% by 2030. Dubbed the Clean Power Plan, to be carried out by the EPA, the proposal gives a “menu” of options for states to decide how they will reduce. Coral Davenport and Peter Baker of The New York Times write:

The proposal is chiefly aimed at cutting pollution from coal-fired power plants, the nation’s largest source of greenhouse gas emissions. It assigns each state a separate pollution reduction target, but gives each wide leeway in tailoring its plan. The idea, Environmental Protection Agency officials said, is to allow states to design plans that best fit regional economies and mixes of energy sources.

The proposal is certainly not without criticism. Some environmentalists are criticizing it for giving too much flexibility to states, while some states feel that the regulation is too much. The proposal is up for a year-long comment period which will certainly bring about more criticism, and also plenty of support. It is clear that this is far from a solution to climate change, but it is a good start.

Learn more about the Clean Power Plan by visiting the EPA’s fact page and consider showing your support for the proposal by sharing on the EPA comment page.  And, if you still feel as excited as we are about this step in the right direction, then consider signing the Climate Reality Project’spetition of support.


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