Superbugs of the World


We’ve kept a watch on livestock developments over the past few weeks, and learned about a UN report that found cutting meat consumption in half could cut greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture by up to 40%!

We’re also concerned about the crazy amount of water that goes into making one hamburger and consumers’ assumptions about organic livestock welfare (often incorrect!)  A recentNew York Times Op-ed cites a newWorld Health Organization report also found new stats on the alarming impact of antibiotic resistant bacteria globally, and goes so far as to say that it “threatens the achievements of modern science.”

Not all doom-and-gloom, the piece exhorts:

This sobering report is intended to kick-start a global campaign to develop tools and standards to track drug resistance, measure its health and economic impact, and design solutions."

We’d like to extend that to all of the environmental, animal welfare, and human health issues associated with meat consumption. It is more important than ever to know what you’re eating and to try to see that your food choices echo your commitment to global wellness.


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