Teaching Sustainability To Little Wellness Warriors


 Children are like sponges, absorbing close to everything from everyday life, easily influenced by surroundings and their parents. What better time to implement positive practices? The kicker is trying to explain something as complex as sustainability.

What techniques can I use to promote and support a youngster’s interest in sustainability?” Sometimes it’s not what actions you take, but what you explain and teach.

To start, use examples they can easily relate to. When explaining the difference between organic and non-organic practices, pick a favorite fruit or vegetable. Then create a story that captures the essence of sustainability—perhaps using their favorite superheroes. Mocomi, an educational children’s website, has a fun video that explains sustainability in a child-friendly manner. There are dozens of ways to peak interest: it just takes a bit of creativity to find one that fires your child’s imagination.

If you still find yourself struggling, lead by example. Recycle more, conserve water, grow your own mini garden—all the while explaining why. A hands-on approach promotes family fun, bonding and creativity.

These two easy-to-do examples recently caught our eye:

Decorate recycling and trash bins

Not many projects will be used every day, but this definitely will.

Create a bird feeder with an orange peel and bird food

Serve up some healthy orange treats and save the rinds. An orange-peel bird feeder not only repurposes a biodegradable product, but kids can watch as birds flock to their newly created feeder day after day. Here’s an easy tutorial by Youtuber user Alli Ward.

 Do you have sustainable projects you’d like to showcase? Share them with us on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook and show off your sustainable creativity!

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