That Dashing Young Chef On A Vespa Grew Up…And He Has A Very Important Petition For You To Sign This Weekend!


Remember when English enfant terrible chef/food celeb Jamie Oliver spent all his time entertaining friends in his London flat, or dashing into the taxi-clogged streets atop his cool Vespa in search of fresh ingredients?  Back then his main message was “anyone can cook healthy, delicious meals the equal of most restaurant fare.”

Those of us addicted to the food channels ate it up.

He’s still at it years later, but to our great admiration he’s taken on the task of teaching every school child “how to grow and cook fresh nutritious food at school.”

How else can we reduce the global rise of childhood obesity? How can we lengthen the lifetimes of today’s children so that they (at least!) have a shot at living as long as their parents?

Oliver also got together some amazing musicians including Paul McCartney, Dappy, the multitalented Hugh Jackman, and many more. 

Oliver believes it’s “essential that we arm future generations with the life skills they urgently need in order to lead healthier, happier, more productive lives.” Food education is the answer. And his Food Revolution Day global petition deserves your signature. Let’s push it up to 2 million!


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